Everywhere Café  (International Patents Pending)

Everywhere Café, the brand new innovation and invention from InnovationZ is a double walled stainless steel coffee plunger and cup all in one.  The Everywhere Café allows coffee connoisseurs the ability to drink and enjoy pure fresh coffee or tea anywhere, any time.  Enjoy your favorite beverage on the trail, boat, on the road, at the office or workplace, anywhere,  EVERYWHERE.   The Everywhere Café ®™ insures you will never have to suffer drinking instant coffee again when you travel with this outstanding product innovation.  When armed with the EC  you are in a world class Café wherever you may be.     

Features: The Everywhere Café has what we believe is the single best  coffee and tea filtering system in any plunger made to date. Its world wide patent pending features include, a double silicon rubber sealing ring around the filter to ensure coffee grounds  or tea leaves don't get past the filter into the upper drinking chamber of the cup.  The Everywhere Café's filter has the finest stainless steel filtering mesh we have seen in any coffee plunger in the market.  The plunger lid in the EC incorporates our unique opening and closing sliding gate which allows the beverage to pass thru when drinking your favourite brew.   On top of this we have also included with the Everywhere Café a standard style lid which allows the EC to be used for consuming hot chocolate, packet soup, or to use the EC as a thermal flask to keep rice, noodles, or other food hot and insect free while you prepare the second part of your meal on the trail.  

Instructions: Put one or more dessert spoons of fresh ground coffee, or loose tea or tea bag  into the Cup, pour boiling water over the coffee or tea to within about 25mm to 30mm from the top of the cup, add milk and/or sugar if desired, push the plunger  gently into the cup in the high position, allow brew to draw for 1-4 minutes as desired for beverage strength, gently plunge the plunger filter all the way down, slide the drinking gate open, and enjoy the best coffee or tea imaginable EVERYWHERE.

International Distributors & Enquiries Welcome