Imported Products

Whatever your requirements, if you can imagine it, or even if you can't, we can supply it, find it, invent it, or make it.  We are The Professionals in product sourcing and identifying the most exciting and effective promotional product to grow your sales and business. 

InnovationZ has been sourcing and importing promotional products and corporate gifts since 1990.  We are very good at it. If it exists, we know where to get it from sources the world over. If it doesn't exist and is possible to make, we will make it happen.

Our motto is: Nothing is too hard, and we delight in achieving the impossible in impossible time-frames.

Put us to the test. Call us on: (09) 273 8223, or, email us at:, and be prepared for a pleasant surprise as InnovationZ provides "YOUR" company with outstanding ideas and products, and a level or service and innovative marketing tools beyond your expectations. "Call or email us NOW",  "You won't be disappointed".  We will visit You at Your office, or you can visit our extensive showroom packed with the latest innovations in promotion.